The Depressed States of America — How to Weaponize Emotions

Ronnie T
2 min readJun 6, 2022

Watching people argue, fight, or bicker is a sentiment I have never enjoyed. Feelings get hurt, emotions get flung back and forth, and while people may walk away saying “I’m fine”, the truth is that they’re rarely fine. Thankfully I’m fortunate enough to live in a country where I can aim both middle fingers at Washington DC…so here’s to another day in America!

Americans were never taught how to handle their emotions. Generation after generation is controlled, influenced, and told what to think and what to believe. Hate those who think differently than you do, because they have nothing to offer you. Fear those in power. Be envious of the rich. Be scared of the poor and homeless. Be happy when you buy something. Don’t cry because sadness is bad.

And when you do have emotions…it’s okay to throw them around as hard as you can. Get angry and shoot your enemies. Throw french fries or a milkshake at someone who’s just trying to scrap by. Cause an accident and blame the other person because it’s impossible to accept responsibility.

Pay off a few politicians to protect your profits. And let’s give another opioid pill to a suicidal soldier with PTSD because why would we want to actually fix the problem with therapy? It’s a better business model to keep them as an addicted customer!

So here’s the thing.

Humans figured out how to weaponize emotions against other humans. They created algorithms, marketing campaigns, websites, and news outlets to keep you entertained and extract feels and money from you. The same outlets control what you think is important or what to be concerned about.

So are you going to be a human who uses your thoughts and emotions to take advantage of someone else or are you going to be a human that tries to make a better planet? Personally I don’t like the fact that we all have plastics in our bodies so let’s try to help each other instead of hurting each other, okay? #NormalizeKindness

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