Largest Security Conference to be Held in VR. April 18th, Stream Will be Available!

Ronnie T
1 min readApr 18, 2020

Good evening everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that tomorrow, April 18th, the largest information security conference ever held in virtual reality (VR) will be happening! You’re formally invited, and the cost is absolutely nothing. There are no sign ups, no vendor fees, no paid lunches, and frankly no where else to go. And admit it, you want a different reason than COVID to have a drink on the weekend.

So here’s how it works! If you want to attend in VR, make sure to install AltspaceVR. Once an account has been created, head over to the RSVP page and sign up!

For speakers, talks start at 12:00 EST. There will be multiple rooms that you can flow into for each track.

Don’t have VR? Both talk tracks will stream on Mixer at the following links:

After the talks…you know what it is. HAPPY HOUR! There will be live music, as well as Trash Panda DJ’ing for everyone! In a night club! With lasers!

Trenton and Rapture, you guys did an awesome job. Everyone network, have fun tomorrow, and here’s to making Infosec Oasis one of the most kick-ass conferences EVER!!!


Tomorrow…it goes down. #InfosecOasis

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